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The Sorry Note From a Travelr

The Sorry Note for My Beautiful Audience

Disclaimer: This post does to contains any travel story or anything related to Travelling. During this pandemic, I as travel blogger does not support any kind of travelling. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

On the eve of Janmashtami 2020, I was sitting and were chilling with some workout videos. I got a call from one of my best keens and he started as

“Hey, Shubham can you please tell me your future plans or you just want to generate money in your family business.

Why you have not written any single article from the past 5 months? You must know your weapon.”

I accept that from the past 5 months the “creative in me” has slept somewhere. With all the duties, I have the right to blame this Corona Virus. Before I move on the content of this Sorry NOTE, literally SORRY to all of you. I call myself a Blogger and I did this. But I have not fully dead in these 5 months, I have something to show you. I am STRUGGLING with making myself a beast.

Sucks this coronavirus, bloody bastard wasted somewhere about 5 months. And this not just happened in my life, I am talking in the context of this universe. See, aliens are also watching and having a chit chat with their colleagues. “Abe, ye Earth ko kya hua, ek dum ruk si gayi hai. Koi Insaan hi najar ni aara? Mujhe to lagta hai kahi humare planet par to nahi pahuch rahe”.

We all have witnessed this sudden stop of Motoring-Earth. Like the supreme power played that old school game, STOP/OVER. Everything got frozen out, a creature like me, had to quarantine in my sweet-home (the best thing) and became self-reliant. Honestly, from the last 3 years, this was the longest period in which I have not had any trip or trek. From the last 3 years, I blessed enough of having the chance to explore inner me in within a period of 2 months.

Basically, this ass-hole covid-19 gulped down my three chance. Anyways, this is just Virus, nothing can stop US if we dreamed something.

I am planning something BIGGER, that will gonna pay all this loss and with the interest of it. This time I am planning a Road Trip and 5 Treks at a one go.

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