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Things to see in Agra Fort!

Monument - Shubham Varshney - February 17, 2018

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From Parking

When I was a kid, I am obsessed enough with the history that much that I couldn’t able to learn the dates that which emperor born in which year and in which year this battle had happened. Learning dates to me like dying by using my own methods. But when I had a visit to Agra Fort, and soon after entering in this gargantuan fort, a history lover in me provoked. He pulled me towards every piece of gem that is presented in this Fort and showed me that there are various things to do in Agra.  One can easily indulge him/herself in the history because all the small and big facts like this part of this fort was constructed by which emperor, in which year all this thing is carved on a stone there.

I have read all those stones and believe me the history behind them are really hallucinatory. And if you could manage a visit to this type of historical place in partially cloudy or rainy day, it will add more charm to the memories. Thinking in a right way, yes, at the time of my visit the sky was partially covered by the clouds.

Second Entry Gate

Third Gate

It is making sense that, having Taj Mahal overshadowing Agra’s red fort, one could easily forget that this city of Taj also having another World Heritage Site, one of the curvaceous Mughal Forts in India. Agra Fort and Taj Mahal are considered as Sister Monuments. The ear-like structure of this Fort was meant to flummox invaders if they anyhow pass the moats infested with crocodiles and wild animals at that time. The Amar Singh Gate, named after the name of Jodhpur’s Maharaja Amar Singh Rathore, is the onliest entry point to the Fort nowadays. And from there only we can able to buy tickets from the counters over there. From the anecdote, I heard that in 1644 the chief treasurer in the court of Emperor Shah Jahan, Salabat Khan insulted the king of Jodhpur. So Amar Singh copped-off his head and while escaping from the court he jumped from the long walls.

Fort Stone

The construction of this Fort was begun by Great Emperor Akbar in 1565 and further additions were made by the authorized person but particularly by his Grand Son Shah Jahan. In adding changes, he used his favorite building material white-marble. Its gigantic walls rise about 20 meters in height and 2.5 Km in circumference. More than the half part of this fort is occupied by the higher dignitaries of Agra cantonment board, so it is off-limits to the aficionados. And remaining part is open to the public, which contains some important sections of this Fort. From Diwan-i-Aam to Diwan-i-Khas. Emperor Akbar built this fort for their military base but Shah Jahan resuscitates it into a palace. On the eastern edge of this Fort River, the Yamuna is flowing parallel. And a secret tunnel was there which takes to the bathing ghats of the emperors from the fort.

Hall of Public Audiences

This Fort is having three consecutive entrance gates and amazingly they are in a way that, the next gate only be visible after the preceding one. When I entered from the first gate I thought I entered and this was my same perception when I entered the second. After the third one, there is a long walkway, which is the upward incline direction. That pathway is surrounded by long walls, for a specific security reason for Mughals. They used the echo produced by the horses of invaders as their alarming bells. Straight in this way, a large Moti Masjid is there, closed permanently for visitors. On turning back, to the left is Diwan-i-Am (A hall of Public Audiences), Shah Jahan used this hall for his public proceedings. I truly, found it a city within a city, not just a fort.

Throne At Diwan-i-Aam

This Diwan-i-Aam features a throne room in which the emperor focuses on the petitioner’s petition. On the throne, in this public hall, the intricate work is there. The artistic work on the marble with intricate precious gems makes people stand still for a while. The manifest work puts people really in amazement. The pillars and the ceiling work as a superlative factor for clicking some nice pictures to the people. In front of it, there is a grave of John Colvin, a lieutenant governor who died in the fort due to some illness. Also, a water well is there from the right front of Diwan-i-Aam covered with a steel grid.


Taj View


From the right corner of the throne, there is a way which leads tourists to the large courtyard full of colorful flowers. Not much far from it, there is a Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audiences). In this hall, important meetings were used to hold and it is said that this hall once housed Shah Jahan’s legendary throne and the main and the shocking thing is that that throne was inset with precious stone including the famed Koh-i-Noor diamond. After the devastation of Mughal Dynasty, the throne was taken to Iran by Nadir Shah after defeating Aurangzeb in 1739 and dismantled there after the assassination of Nadir Shah in 1747. A slab is there which is overlooking to the Yamuna and the far Taj Mahal, the best point for taking photographs or to showcase our photography skills. Those who are really having a wanderlust can spend their whole day just watching the Taj from there. Not whole day but ample amount of time I spent over there clicked many photographs and from many, some are here.


Meena Bazaar

Hidden Capture

In the right adjacent to this slab is a Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace), tiny mirrors are inlaid on the walls of it. Unluckily, I was not able to get in because it is closed. But you can peep through the cracks in the doors at the sparkling mirrors. There you can also find Musamman Burj and Khas Mahal, the wonderful white-marble octagonal tower. In which the Shah Jahan was captivated by his own son in his last days, but for him, a good thing was that he could gaze out at Taj Mahal from there. After the death of Shah Jahan, his body was taken to Taj by a boat. There are many other things which are now closed like Mina Masjid, was his private mosque and at a few steps down from it is the Meena Bazaar where the court ladies are allowed to roam and bought goods for their shake only.

Jehangir Palace

Benches with a tree

To the south of this fort there is a Jehangir’s Palace built with huge red-sand-stones, the Akbar built this palace for his son Jehangir. And as we all have heard that Akbar had strong feelings for Jodha Bai, princess of Jodhpur. He built a Krishna temple in it and the architectural style on the carvings of it shows Akbar’s, kind heart. There are many things to see in this fort which depicts the perfect blend of Hindu-Mughal architectural styles. After exploring this insight palace, the path will bring back to the main entrance gate. Honestly, in this fort, I have spent more than three hours just in grasping the things and the history behind them.

A click

Last but not the least, after exploring this fort no one can able to point a finger at UNESCO that why they have considered this fort as a World Heritage Site. But when I was returning back, there was a little man, about 7-year-old, walking alongside me with a trite face. I asked him why he was not happy then he replied me that “all the things are boring here, I couldn’t able to see some crazy stuff”. And I realized that not every, but many kids don’t have their interest in history. That’s all this fort.

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Could February be the best month to visit Agra?

Agra - Shubham Varshney - February 10, 2018

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From the snow-capped mountains of the far North to the tropical green shores of the Deep South, India is having a legion number of amazing things. And those things are just hidden in its heart only, one can easily hear its beats. The only thing which we have to do in order to hear them is we have to move out from our comfort zone and have to sail our boats in the upwind direction. We can hear them either in our surroundings or even in the work whatever be we do. And I am going to hear it in the upcoming carnival, Taj Mahotsav (I will discuss it later in this post). There is a city in the Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, which is having many gems, Agra. This city is having the real charm of India that is Taj Mahal and about its beauty, I have discussed in “this”. Here I am going to discuss that why February is the best month to visit Agra.

Weather of Agra in February month

Agra is one of those places which are capable enough for giving a warm welcome to a New Year in the chilled winters. As the January passes by, in February Agra’s weather undergoes the transition from winter to summer, chilled days start getting warmer gradually. The days are kind enough with an average temperature between 20 – 25o Celsius. Such pleasant weather conditions provide the best time to visit Agra city and allows wanderers to a joyful glimpse of the monuments that this city is having. A deadly combination of cool midst and Luke warm sunrays, make this month more exotic.

Returning to the Question

Because of many things February is the best month to visit Agra and here I am discussing only those which I have experienced till now. As we all know that, February is for romance, love, and pleasure, so did this city. Agra is having a well-known monument Taj Mahal, which is the symbol of pure love and romance. Besides this monument, Agra is also a destination for themed weddings. It is the fact that February is the best month for Indian nuptials (marriage). One can easily see some hotels or gardens decorated with amazing flowers or lights in this month. Foreigners love the Indian culture and their traditions. They love to see the Indian weddings, all that Band, Baja, and Baraat.

Second Thing, In February month, Agra host a great festival which known as Taj Mahotsav. This is festival is for those who just want to have a glimpse of art, craft, culture, and cuisine. This is a 10-day long carnival, held every year in the month of February. This year it is scheduled from 18th Feb to 27th Feb in Shilpgram near to Eastern Gate of Taj Mahal. Actually, it is a platform which can provide information about India’s rich art, craft, cuisine, culture, dance, and music. One can enjoy all these things at one place. Imagine that, you are tasting the best eateries in this world at the same time you are watching people having fun by doing some other activities. One is dancing on the beats and some are bargaining for some stuff.

The upcoming Taj Mahotsav is the 27th, it means Agra successfully enjoyed this carnival 26 times (AMAZING). The theme of this festival in this year is Dharohar (Heritage). Honestly, I have not make it yet, to experience the aroma of it. I assure you that, I am going to experience it this time and I will share my every single moment which I will spend in this festival with all of you. Really I am very excited to encounter this carnival. I have asked many people in the excitement that what could be we do in this festival, there is only one answer which I got and it is “just experience it on your own”. They say that the words are not good enough to describe this jamboree.

Before making to this jamboree, I have planned my next post which should be on Agra Fort (Hope). So, stay connected and stay happy. And more importantly always have a nature of acquiring knowledge on our surroundings. Eat whatever you want to eat, pull legs of your siblings, and do the things which make you feel happy.

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Motivation - Shubham Varshney - February 3, 2018

This post was most recently updated on December 22nd, 2018

DaydreamingActually, this is a word given to a mental activity done by people who usually found themselves at their safest place or doing some arduous activity. On a straight note, I am a daydreamer (proudly), this is my panacea of getting bored and actually at some points we all are daydreamers. We all daydream in different ways like me in my way of dreaming about finding myself in some heroic activities.

This mental action has a specific definition which is given by Wikipedia that is “Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy. It all imagined as coming to pass and experienced while awake”. Allow me to take you more deeper in this wor(l)d.

There is a saying that I love the most “Dreams can only be seen with open eyes, what you see while sleeping are nightmares”. Finding ourselves in some activities that boosted enthusiasm is the most awesome feeling that one can get (my opinion). Seeing an illusory vision come true is work as the source of confidence, it provides activeness over some jaded feelings.

Daydreaming is not a bad thing, most of the studies done on it and among them almost sound good. They say that there is the legion number of people out there is this world who often do daydreaming. And sometimes I found myself in my own illusory world too.

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As per the law, everything which has some good effects must have some bad effects also. Sometimes I forget to do the task given to me or the task which is less important to me while daydreaming. Sometimes while having an imaginary trip, I move ahead from the place which I have to visit for a work (but in rare cases).

Yes, while mind-wandering I can do trekking on any of the largest peaks of this world (those which I know) or I can find myself at any monument regardless of country (continent too). Also, most of the studies say that people do daydreaming when they found themselves more secure or when they know that they could do the agendum easily.

Those who are addicted to this sweet cone of Ice-cream (for me), have the most active mind and they owned a word doer, “the study says that not me”.   If you asked me to write about it. I can write on it whole for a whole day or more. There is a Japanese proverb that vision without action is daydream and action without vision is a nightmare. It is right saying that problems have their own solutions within it.

Allow me to give you all, some examples of my favorite mind-wanderings. I love to do this it is a way due to which I could rejuvenate. I do this for my sake only, on a frequent note I find myself either playing drums in a very inordinate crowd or playing football and on the verge of kicking a ball for the matching goal. And sometimes playing DJ either at Tomorrowland or at Ultra Music Festival (these two are the biggest music festivals happened on earth), also people were enjoying my beats amazingly. They are dancing on my beats and having much fun.

Actually, these are the dreams which I want to live in real also, but till then this is how do I get to work. I have always liked quite people, who know if they’re dancing with their partner or if they’re carrying the weight of the world. And believe or not there are few known people with whom I can do mind-wandering, mostly with one of my best friends

About six years ago, on a summer vacation, I went my home from my boarding college, due to some family business reasons I had to ride my bike 40 km/side to the upside of town, district every day. And in that period of time, I usually went at any mirage created by my mind and literally, I wandered in them.

I have visited some exotic beaches, I have done paragliding, I have done snorkeling and I have participated in some crusade also. Just to quench my bug by doing some noble cause for the society (I have done all of these things while I rode my bike). And when I come back from my illusive world to the real world I honestly, didn’t have any clue that how I have passed all the obstacles, who must have come in my way. This has really happened to me or this works on this that it was clear in my mind that I could ride a bike in any of the conditions.

From the last two years, I am daydreaming that I like a messenger of God and I have to do all the wrongs things correct so that the proceedings of the world going on. Most of the daydreaming I focus on things that might happen in the future. I plan ahead, I think about outcomes of decisions, I think about what I might do in the next coming life or might in the next coming week(s).

Often, I think about my life in the more distant future, considering whom I might marry or where I might live. Precisely, it gives me the solution that what might going to happen next and sometimes I decrypt it wrongly and sometimes dart goes bulls-eye. In the end, I just wanted to tell you that I loved it, it is like in my veins. Stay connected with the people near to you and to the people who are in your creation and also with the God too.

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