Who am I?

Shubham Varshney

Hi, my name is Shubham Varshney. An ordinary guy from a small town of state, Uttar Pradesh, India. With having a broad mind and, a kind and gentle heart. Finding my way which can lead me to the heart of this world. And on this, I have my tagline Journey to the World’s Heart.

Since my childhood, I was very keen to explore the world. From the very early age of my life, I started loving nature and loved to visit hilly places like Haridwar and Mount Abu. So the karma did the same, it took me to the places where I wanted to visit and it still doing its work.

My Dharma is to enlight myself and work as the lighthouse to others. I love to remain motivated and I love to motivate others, no matter, how bad or even how good a situation is. There is no way for regression in my life.

There are lot more things about me, which I love to tell, and which I will be, but in later lifelong posts.

What is Travelr Network?

Travelr Network, it just can be a name of a travel blog for people. But for me, it is my passion, love, girlfriend, family, and a source of enlightenment.

A blog which holds the memory of the beautiful places, a charm of Heritage places, and an essence of food (Regardless of its origin).

In today’s day and time, people love to read things on the internet and they want to remain updated about the things which are happening around them. Here one can find information, about the places which I have visited and going to visit in the future.

It can be a great source of photographs, tips, and much more. There is a very famous quote “one can only lift up by lifting others”. And honestly, one can get an example of this on this blog.