About Me

Who am I?
My full name is Shubham Varshney, I am having a bachelor degree in Computer Science. I proudly say that I am an Indian, the sacraments of this great civilization runs in my veins. It’s being two years of completing my graduation and till now I worked for two organizations. I worked as a network engineer for six months in Udaipur, India’s most beautiful city and as a software engineer in Dehradun, one of the beautiful valleys in India. But due to some reasons and somewhat due to my mood I quite from there and sailed my boat towards Agra, the city of Taj.
Agra, the city known for romance and Taj Mahal, gave me work and this place introduces me to my skill of writing things in a different way. I am working for a developing organization as a content writer and writing things about monuments and places are my niche. I just wanted to explore this world either by reading things or by visiting at various beautiful and very well-known places. I think this is enough to know me for now and leaving some on later post, I will tell more in them.
What is Travelr Network?
Travelr Network is a blog that I have started just to share my experiences and my views on the various beautiful places and monuments which only wants a recognition and some praiseworthy words. The motto of this journey to the World’s heart is simple, I just wanted to tell people that enable the travelling mode and see the different colours of this immense globe. I had an step and unloosen by boat’s rope just to sail it in the sweet waters of this World. It’s my appeal to you guys join me on my voyage leading to the secret vault of this fascinating World.
Through this blog I want to be a full-time blogger so that I could spend more and more time in discovering and will showcase them in front of you. Through this blog, I just wanted to make people mouth-watering by discussing taste of some amazing food items. And want to put my readers into an awe-struck condition by discussing some amazing facts about a monument. Having a keen desire of placing unbelievable things in front of readers, I am starting this blog. I will serve hardly to my readers and want to make the best out of it. I will be highly pleased if I will get some revert in the form of comments no matter good or bad. People are honourably invited to give their precious reviews.