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top 10 places to visit

My Bucket List: Top 10 Places to Visit

Just after stroked by the fellow travelers to escape out from my den and get into the sight of this World. I decided to write down my dream places or I would like to call it my travel bucket list (top 10 places to visit). Below are the ten places where I would love to meander and I could give my all worldly possessions, just to chase down them.

Shubham Varshney
Amarnath Yatra

From the spectacular lavender meadows of France to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, India, this whole world is full of places which are so beautiful that they could even beat, Heaven. After tracing down the top best treks in India and having experience of Amarnath Yatra, I felt that being connected to this mother earth (without judging the locality by area) is the all that we need somewhere.

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On my Pinterest account, I found a pin quoting “if you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to build theirs”. This line made me curious to make some more dreams and try every possible way to follow them. Like writing them somewhere (like this post), keep murmuring them to others so that they could push me or pop me towards those dreams.


After a great brainstorming, I came to this point in which I have the world’s most beautiful top 10 places to visit in the following upcoming life. Believe me, these are the places where I can live at any cost. I will not think twice to become a Vampire’s assistance, in return of tickets to these places.

NOTE: All these places are not newly added to my bucket list, they all have a connection with me, from the aged back.

Top 10 Places to Visit in the World – My Bucket List

The Great Wall of China

The Wall

Though this wonder of the World does not need any description. I would like to give you a story that, why it felt at number one in my top 10 places to visit. I have a clear memory that, when I was in 7th standard, there was an inter-house display competition and the topic was Seven Wonders of the World.

Wonder of the World

It may sound stupidly, but in reality, that was the first time when I came to know about this particular wonder. And from that every moment it glued in my mind. This miraculously 21196-kilometer long tarmac is the focus point of the travelers. It is just way beyond beautiful.

Trolltunga cliff (Norway)


It is a cliff in Norway Fjords, somewhat 1100 meters high from the sea level and hovering 700 meters up from a lake called Ringedalsvatnet. It became my favorite place when I first saw a picture of a guy sitting at the edge of the cliff by putting legs down towards the lake.

The Cliff

Basically, it is a hike of 12 to 14 hours from Skjeggedal (a village in Norway). And it is my dream that there should be an image in which I will be jumping for a pendant pose.

Mani Mahesh (India)

Mani Mahesh Lake

It is a high altitude lake in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, situated 13,390 feet high from the sea level. Like the legend of Amarnath Temple, this lake also has a legend related to that power, Lord Shiva.

It is said that a mani (diamond), showed-up high at the Mani Mahesh mountain peak and that is for thousands of pilgrims take part in this annual (August to September) pilgrimage.

Tomorrowland (Belgium)


You might be thinking that this is a place or what. Let me tell you, Tomorrowland is a world’s largest music festival, first held in Boom, Belgium (2005). Most prominently, it held in final weekends of July (tentative), now the organizing committee of this festival is planning to cover the whole world and luckily they are spreading their legs in India also.

The World

Famous Disc Jockey (DJ)s from all around the world, tasked to perform their best. In front of the crowd gathered from all around the World, for three days. I can only imagine (now only) that how amazing those three days could be in any one’s life or for a music lover like me. I will definitely make it to this heaven one day.

Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Canal View

Though this place doesn’t need much description. But I would like to tell you why this capital city of The Netherlands falls into my top 10 places to visit list. In this city, there is no single thing which categorized as illegal. In this city everything is legal, except the social violation of rules. There are several canals, bars, and awesome places to hang out.

I Amsterdam

Mostly, people in this city ride a bicycle only, that’s the thing which attracted me more. Imagine that a city in which no blooming sound of horns, no traffic jams, and no worries of petrol price hike. Life is all sorted there. Basically, this city is kind-of-type-me (I AM-Sterdam).

Northern Lights in Canada

The Aurora

Just like most of the travelers, I also wanted to see that magical show. That happens in between the sky in Canada. It can also be experienced in some parts of Alaska, Finland, and Iceland. I have read that, one who cast a glance at the lightning show will become the happiest person. Because it is the phenomenon that tells us about the mystical fable about this World.


One who experiences it will eventually succeed in life and will get deep knowledge of 7 virtues of life. There is a famous author Robin Sharma, he said that “life without dreams is like, earth without water”. So I set my sail in that direction which is the necessity of life.

Corsica (Island in Mediterranean Sea in French Region)


I don’t know about the other, but there is a Bollywood movie named Tamashaa of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. When I first watch this movie, it became my best ever movie and the shooting of this movie held at this Island.


I have only seen this place in the movie and it left its long-lasting impression in my heart. That’s why it is on my bucket list of the top 10 places to visit.

Stay in an Igloo


It may sound crazy but believe me staying in an Igloo is the best part of doing things in life (heard). Let me tell you, Igloo is a snow house or snow hut, made up of snow which can easily be compacted.

Stay in Igloo

It can be experienced in the Arctic region of Earth, which means in parts of Finland, Iceland, and Alaska. And before getting the mix in the soil of this earth, I have to make it through.

Queenstown (New Zealand)

The Town

I have read about this city in many blog post, they all ended up by listing its endless beautiful shores. This place is best suits for the person who loves adventurous activities (like skiing, bungee jumping, and many more).

Bunjee Jumping in Queenstown

Perhaps, this city is known for its best connection with Lake Wanaka, a lake at 300-meter altitude. This part of New Zealand helped New Zealand in gaining the title of second heaven in this universe. So it is a way of paying homage to this city by adding it into my list of top 10 places to visit.

Eiffel Tower’s Illuminations (Paris, France)

Eiffel Tower

Last but not the least, hope you all must be aware of that Paris is known as the city of Love and Romance. It is said that the air of this city has some kind of love in it. It became quadruple when that 5-minutes illuminations at Eiffel Tower on every hour on the hour happens.


Every evening, Eiffel Tower adorned with its golden covering and sparkles for 5-minutes. It is the dream of every couple that, once for all, they both enjoy those 5-minutes. As this city is known for love and romance, so I would like to explore this city with my better half.

top 10 places to visit

If all goes with the will of almighty, I will take my last better only if I conquered them all. So, they are my top 10 places to visit in this whole world. Have you made your bucket list or the things you want to do in life? If not, then you have time now, there is no shortage of time if you task yourself to do something. Something which makes you feel better, joyous, and most enlightened.

Secrets of Enlightened Living: 7 Virtues of Life

This post is not on anyone’s traveling story, it belongs to a category that has name motivation. Last July, I had a good read, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and from there I found a plot, 7 virtues of life. By following them, sincerely and with all the dedication, one can achieve enlightenment in living.

A fable about Enlightening

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, is just a boon in the field of motivation. When I told people that I am reading this book, they just said they had earlier than ‘me’. And very few are there who just said: “not a good one”. No problem everyone has their own point of view or favorite genre. So I just gave it, a try and found very amazing.


Basically, it is a story of a guy who once was a very rich and well-professional Lawyer and thereafter he sold out all his belongings and marched towards India, the world of Meditation and the world of Peace. He found his Nirvana in a fictional place, Sivana and there he found a community of sages. They taught him every single-to-piece lessons of life. They taught him 7 virtues of life.

The story of these 7 virtues of Life

These all 7 virtues can easily understandable after this story, as a sage of Sivana did in the book. The story starts as 

Try to imagine that you are sitting in the middle of a magnificent, lush, green garden at the bank of a seashore. This garden is fully filled with the most spectacular and heart-warming flowers, that you have ever seen in your life. The environment is supremely tranquil and peaceful. You are savoring the sensual delights of this garden and feeling as if you have all the time in the world to enjoy this natural oasis.

As you look around you see that in the center of this pretty imagined garden, stands a towering red lighthouse. Six stories high. Suddenly, the calmness of the disturbed by a crackling of the door, as the door creakingly opens at the base of the lighthouse.

The person which moved out from it was a sumo-wrestler, who casually wanders in the garden. Almost naked instead of pink-twisted wire cable covering on his private parts. You see that as this Sumo-wrestler starts to move around in the garden and he finds, a shiny gold stopwatch (don’t know who the hell kept this stopwatch there), he slips it on and falls to the ground and rendered unconscious and lies there for some moment, silent and still.

As you just figured it out that this wrestler lost his livelihood, he awakens, perhaps stirred by the fragrance of some fresh yellow roses blooming nearby. Electrified, the wrestler jumps on his feet and startled by what he sees. Alongside the green garden, he observes a long winding path full of millions of diamonds. Something directs wrestler to take that path and path leads him down the road of everlasting joy and bliss.

What actually are they 7 virtues of life?

This magical fable just weaved of some basic and important symbols which are the ultimate virtues of life. At this point, it is obvious to yelling out “just tell me what they 7 virtues of life are”. These are fragmented in the below list, each symbol with its virtue of enlightenment living. When I was at the point of completing this magical fable, I made up my mind that I am going to share this with people.

Although I knew that by keeping these all virtues in practice, one may attain bliss in life. But keeping them in practice is the whole sort of hardness.

The Garden     Garden Your Mind

Follow your purpose

Practice Kaizen

Wire cable
Live with Discipline

Gold stopwatch
Respect your Time

Blooming Roses
Selflessly serve others

 The Path of diamond
Embrace the present

A very creative mind sewed 7 elements of joyful life very beautifully. Each symbol has its own virtue.

Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind

That glooming garden was used for the mind. That greenery of garden indicates the peacefulness of the mind. We all somewhere heard that a human mind is as expandable as the garden’s greenery. So in the book, there are various steps, which shows the path by which one can nurture the mind as a garden.

“Feed your mind with the most delightful treasures and boundless riches, and make it as lavish as a garden full of flowers”

Shubham Varshney
Follow Purpose

Follow Your Purpose

I have seen many people who are living their life at the below level of happy and also heard cursing their destiny. But the problem is not the destiny, the problem is they don’t follow their purpose and even many don’t know for what they are in their livelihood.

Here the lighthouse in the middle of a garden, this lighthouse tells that follow your purpose and keep an eye on the surroundings. Alike the lighthouse does.

There is a very famous quote “the purpose of life is a life of purpose”. Yes, it might be sounding like a tongue-twister, but it is a mantra of a meaningful life.

Book taught me, just make a goal and try to make every single second of life worthy, which can take you to your goal.


Practice Kaizen

Let me tell you, this virtue is most affected me and I am really trying my best to keep it in my day-to-day practices.

I know, some of you may be wondering that what the heck this Kaizen is. This noun has a meaning “a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working and personal efficiency”.

And as you see, it is derived from Japanese. Sumo’s from Japan keeps improving their fighting practices through practices daily in their life.

In the book, there are many techniques by continuously following them, one can become master of own life. And the practice that gives me instant results is ‘do the things you fear’.


The Power of Discipline

The former Prime Minister of United Kingdom and a writer, Winston Churchill said: “As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us”.

As in this mysterious fable, that nine feet tall Sumo wrestler is naked, except that pink wire cable covering his private parts. That wire cable has a lesson which taught me the power of self-mastery and self-government.

Have you ever seen a wire cable from inside? If you, then there you see thin-weak wires placed one on top of the others making the cable, stronger and tougher. That is the Discipline, we have to maintain in life.

Start to keep collecting things that do oath to be done and taken the last breath of that work. These are the small things, which will make you bolder, stronger and toughest.


Respect Your Time (Others Also)

Sir Isaac Pitman, the one who developed a shorthand for the first time, said this “Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well-arranged mind”.

It is often to think that this virtue might be related to that shiny gold stopwatch in the fable. The stopwatch on which that huge Sumo wrestler slips-on.

I have remembered that how my father keeps telling me (till now) to make a daily activity chart and follow it. Though he also not able to follow it, he tries his every best for it and I like that part of him.

There is a very old saying “Waqt rahte Akal aa jayegi (will be stale with time)”, I must say it is very true.

Time is our most precious commodity and it is non-renewable and those who use time wisely are rewarded with rich, productive, and satisfying lives.

Serve Others

Selflessly Serve Others

Like the flowers are doing in the fable. They are serving to that Sumo wrestler, who falls-off on and just awaken. They are making him comfortable from his suffer and pain.

This whole world is balanced if there are positive powers then (I think) there are negative too. We all have the connection with the people with whom we meet and get close to them. Everything that lives, lives not alone, not for itself.

Serve people those who are in great need and I also not saying that give all the things that you have and live rest of the life as a beggar but we think if we start doing daily acts of kindness, it will end up with adding kindness into our journal.

Present Moment

Embrace the Present

In the book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, there are many things which describes this but it is my one of those favorite things. I love to remain at present, it is my good or bad, but I quickly get over through the past.

I just don’t want to get stick to a thing for millions of years, in some case I like to be glued like to my daydreaming(s).

No one could ever be able to change the past, just try to embrace present, in the way like the diamonds on the path do (in the fable).

I really think that either I am motivated or overly-motivated but the good thing is that ‘motivated’. Also, very often my mom calls it ‘over-confidence’ and I mumble to myself only ‘at least having confidence’. Just give a dam fuck to the world and live in that tune of the air.

Last but not least, give a try to ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’.

Questions To Ask a Successful Person

Success, it is something which I think every person wants in life. Success is a thing which decides the reputation of a person in society. It is more to oxymoron that it comes with ease. To consider a person successful, it is must to count its struggle and achievements. Wealth accumulation, lifestyle option, and social impact are the parameters by which a person to be called a successful person.

I have seen many people, including me, finding different ways to get success. But there are no ways of it, only a hard work can give us that ‘Success’. Tricks can only give us money but a hard work always pays off. Our hard work can be an inspiration for others and one should always remain in the quest to make it an inspiration.

On a day, I was scrolling on my LinkedIn feeds (Shubham Varshney) and I came across to an article of Forbes. And the article was on Questions to ask a successful person. So in post, I going to share my own written questions which I asked some successful persons around me and their answers. The first person with whom I played JAM was my Father, who has done everything in his life and given everything to his children and also made himself a man-of-honors. The next was my Boss, he has also achieved a good value in the society and contributing his best.

Questions to Ask a Successful Person

Q.1 Do you believe in God? If yes, then how it manifest to your soul?

A- This question I asked because I too much believe in God and I just wanted to know whether a successful person also does or not. And the Answer was yes.

My dad says the continuous music given by the heart is the sole evidence of the God. Even the joint working of the senses in the manifestation of the God.

On the very same page my boss said that the controlling of the gender, this balanced world is all which can make you believe in God.

Q.2 What would you like to do in your free time? And how you get habitat to it?

“In the life of a successful person there is no free time” said my boss. And if he gets some free time would like to do more work, just to keep pace with his daily life routine.

I would like to tell you people that behind my sanctimonious believes my parents, especially my father has played a major role. He keeps telling me that the God is present everywhere and I saw that whenever he gets some free time, he starts chanting the name of almighty. There is no way to get habitat to it ‘It is always in the mind’.

Q.3 In your lethargic time, how you keep your mind in a positive way?

Someone has beautifully said that a time is lethargic or peaceful is only depends on beliefs. If our goals are set then there is no time to feel low and it is not possible that the time remains same all the time. Ups and downs are the two features which show that we are living. So, whenever you feel low, keep telling yourself or push yourself in the belief that “yes, we can do it”.

I would like to share one thing also that I loved very much. This very question I asked one of my closest friends and she answered it very beautifully “I often do daydreaming and my dreams make me very positive and energetic”.

Q.4 Does it really matters to you that what will people say if you take any step?

“Not really” was the answer given by both the person. If the step must have to be taken for the betterment of many then it doesn’t matter what will people say. And in my opinion, this is the wisest action taken by anyone, because if someone or many will enjoy the life by our step then it has to be taken.

Q.5 If anyone is rude to you what will be your gift for them?

I must be proud of my father, the answer that he gave to me is “first of all, I would try to calm down the situation and if it doesn’t work then I will try to move out from the situation very politely”. This I think must be the best gift for them. Ignoring negative people also a wise step.

Q.6 What time or what moment, you consider a person successful?

This question is really best answered by my boss and fortunately it is inscribed in my mind. He says “Success is more of a journey, it has no particular point. The journey to do something is called a success and those who keep their pace up in that journey are the successful persons”. Really I was stunned by his answer.

Acquiring basic needs and maintaining a lifestyle are also the job of a successful person. As my father is ‘de-facto theist’ he said that one who keeps himself more closely to the almighty is a successful person.

Q.7 What would you like to call a person who loves reading books? And if I ask you to live in a library will approach the books?

The answers were they love a person who read the books because they have that patience which comes after a great effort. The one who reads the book has a most creative mind and huge living mind. And yes they approach the books but when it comes to the work they will leave at that very moment.

“Putting the things at the right place in life is the thing that matters” this is the best line that I got from my boss.

Also, I would like to add one more quote which I got from my friend when she sees me while reading books.

“I thought of reading because it seems to be a good hobby but at next very moment, I feel like, no this is not my job. So it requires a lot of courage to read books. Hats off to readers”.

Q.8 If you ask to hire someone, what will be the qualities you want in that person?

“Will to learn is the only quality that I want in that person. Either you are a leader or a follower.” this was the answer given by my boss (CEO of the company).

He also said that a good follower becomes a good leader, it only matters that how much you are willing to learn.

These are all the questions which I will ask a successful person whenever I get the chance to meet a successful person. To become a successful person one must be a very peaceful and calm and these are the things for which I have to live.

Make your list of questions and bursting out of your curiosity ask them to a successful person when you meet them.

(All the photographs are taken from Google)

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