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First Year of Travel Blogging

2018 Year In Review: My First Year of Travel Blogging

No one knows that what life has destined for, only a particular phase comes and it gives matter to life. Quite a few nights ago, I was deep down in my memory lane and searching for the things which I have gained. Basically, I was gathering content for my 2018 Year in Review.

And you know what, the list is so big that I went straight to the different level, sleep, from that memory lane.

About two years ago, I was not known for what I meant, what I will be going to do in life and so many other things. But there is one thing that spaced in my mind that whatever be the circumstance will come, I will do something that will make my life meaningful.

And now, Here I am

Dream Thought

It almost being a year of my travel blogging. Each one of us wants to be the hero of our own life and we just want to make our story, a blockbuster one. Believe me, when I do daydreaming, I consider myself some superhuman type thing and started saving the world from this cancer, insomnia, and smartphones (I know it sounds horrible).

If I talk about my graduation, I am a Software Engineer. But if I make some slight chances, means Software replace by Writer and Engineer by Content, then it will make more sense to describe my profession.

This 2018 has completely changed my life, it gave me the direction, the journey, and destiny. And the combination of all these I made it JOURNEY TO THE WORLD’S HEART.

Looking back in 355 days, here is my 2018 Year in Review. It is comprised of all the major and minor achievements of mine.

The 2018 Year in Review Month Wise


As we all love to celebrate and cherish the very first day of the year with our loved ones, I chose to celebrate it with my FAMILY. I have done all the usual proceedings (no partying or harsh sound), the thing which I have remembered the most, that scrumdiddlyumptious, Mattar Paneer. My mom cooked it on the New Year’s night.

I have started my travel blogging from the second day of 2018 and there is a post Confronted 2017 and Giving Welcome to 2k18! Published in the first Week of New Year.

Believe me, now when I had look at that confronted 2017… post, I came to point that everything comes from a great practice and continuity. At first, I have started this blog for fun but now realized that blogging is much more of a fun.

I began my voyage to the center of this World from Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

Have you heard some places which gave the best sunrise moment? Well if you actually have heard then for sure Taj Mahal must be at a good position, so I had sunrise at Taj Mahal. And I swear on my lord, it was out-of-the-box.


When this month first came in most of the people’s mind, love, peace, friendship, caringness, Et cetera, scattered all around. And experience this month in Agra city is just like icing on the cake.

The main streets of Agra lighten up all around the valentine week, and after that, the Taj part brightens up in the lights of Taj Mahotsav held in Shilpgram. I enjoyed this 10-days carnival to the depth.

Taj Mahal From AGra Fort

Also, in this month I have checked out the two World UNESCO Heritage Sights which Agra has claimed, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. And to my amazement, there are several things to see in Agra Fort and there is a brief Fatehpur Sikri History.

Fatehpur Sikri History


This month started with the blast of second most revered festival in India, Holi. And during this festival I have explored that city in which it celebrated with enthusiasm more than the rest of the country part, Barsana.

I had a 2 days trip to Barsana, a small village having connection with Hindu mythology. There are various things to do in Barsana and lots of places to see.

I liked this village very much, this is either because of my deep beliefs in almighty powers or it was just the serene beauty of this village.


Calming rays of Sun, ferociously standing green mountains and coming out of a river (Ganga) from them, this is how I would like to portrait Rishikesh.

places to visit in rishikesh
Click of Year

At the starting of this month, I made a plan to escape of out from my working schedule. So I planned a day trip to Rishikesh and found out that there are lots of places to visit in Rishikesh.

Many people said, “What you will be going to do in Rishikesh in just one day?” I literally showed them and when I said Literally, I mean it.

sunset in rishikesh

I got tattooed, got my favorite picture, and had a beautiful evening in the laps of Nature. It can be considered as the most fruitful month in my 2018 year in review.

May & June

I think every person in childhood loved these months because they are the months of summer holidays. The days in which we had done all the things which we wanted to do but those burning hot days will never be the same.

This year, I have passed these days in my 10-7 den. Reading books and eating lots of Mangos and watermelons.

I have taken interviews of some successful people and found out some answers of questions to ask a successful person. And honestly, the answers of those people influenced me very much and they still are helping me in order to get down on the right track of life.


The most adventurous month of this year, I had two back to back trips in this month. First-one was my dream trip, Amarnath Yatra 2018 and the second-one was of Ranthambore – Office Annual Meet (Not Safari).

Visiting the Amarnath cave was my dream since childhood (it will remain forever and whenever I will got chance, I will definitely convert it into fruit). Amarnath Yatra is one of the top 10 religious treks in India and I have proudly scribbled it onto my travel journal.


Taj Mahal

The Birthday Month. I love this month because of several reasons. The very first-one is it is my birth month, the month of rains and loaded clouds, the month of tranquility over a great drought and many more.

Also, it is the month which brings back the festivity in India after a long haul (no festival in May, June, and July). Let me tell you one thing it is the only month which has a meaning and which is also an adjective, August means noble/generous/AUSPICIOUS (the meaning of my name).

I LOVE this month! And it can also be considered as the best month of this 2018 year in review.

September & October

September goes up as it may like to pass straight away. No Bad memory – No Good Memory. Though, it gave me the knowledge of 7 virtues of Life for an enlighten living. On the other hand, this October brought me some gifts.

Having a good camera in hands and a map of a place in heart, is the dream that always twinkle in the mind of travelers. Especially in mine. At the very starting of the October, I bought a FujiFilm XT – 100 camera. It is just outstanding.

Also, I have started routine workout or I can say trying to reinstate it in my schedule.

Diwali Celebration

It is the late October the whole country was just like murmuring the song of Diwali Celebration 2018.

November & December

Stillness in River Yamuna, the warmth of those sunny days, with a richer hue of ice in the air, will best describe these November and December.

After a long chase in Game of Thrones, these months also tell us that winter is coming. Jokes apart, how many of you love winters? If yes, what is the best part of it? Tell me in the comment Section.

I just love winters, especially that cloths part. I love to wear good cloths, Jackets, Sweatshirts, and my favorite, Blazers. It is somewhere in my mind that winters provide me the time to being classy.

The Trumpets of New Year Celebration started blowing in the Whole World. We all are on the verge of entering in a new year. Giving a map to 2018 year in review, thinking the best and the worst in the whole past year.

Thinking not to repeat those mistakes which had done in the past. Nonetheless, thinking a productive and fruitful year ahead.

The 2018 Year Books Review

I have heard that listening makes speaking better and reading makes writing better. Regardless of any Language. So, in the starting of the 2018, I made a good decision that about of part of my day, I will give it to the books. And I am proud of my decision.

I have tried to read as many books as I can in this 2018, but the count stops at ten (Not a bad number for a beginner. And now from the God’s will, the graph will move upward only.

Below is the list of Books that I read in 2018 and out of these the books that I liked very much are The Fault in Our Stars and The Alchemist.

Plans for 2019?

Yet, we are no one to decide our plans in front of that supreme power. But this mind went of wandering. And creates a bunch of future goals.

In 2019, I will try to make as many travel stories as I can, I will try out helping needful people so that I can add it in my year in review. I will try to capture some beautiful photographs to tell people that our Nature is the gift to us from our Lords.

I have to read all the famous Holy Books that are present in this World, starting from the Bhagvad Gita.

Taking a workout routine to a different level. Putting on weight will be the task in Focus.

Well, here comes the end of my 2018 year in review. What’s the good thing in yours? Share with me, with your loved one and try to figure out the best and the worst. THINK OUTSIDE The BOX!

Secrets of Enlightened Living: 7 Virtues of Life

This post is not on anyone’s traveling story, it belongs to a category that has name motivation. Last July, I had a good read, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and from there I found a plot, 7 virtues of life. By following them, sincerely and with all the dedication, one can achieve enlightenment in living.

A fable about Enlightening

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, is just a boon in the field of motivation. When I told people that I am reading this book, they just said they had earlier than ‘me’. And very few are there who just said: “not a good one”. No problem everyone has their own point of view or favorite genre. So I just gave it, a try and found very amazing.


Basically, it is a story of a guy who once was a very rich and well-professional Lawyer and thereafter he sold out all his belongings and marched towards India, the world of Meditation and the world of Peace. He found his Nirvana in a fictional place, Sivana and there he found a community of sages. They taught him every single-to-piece lessons of life. They taught him 7 virtues of life.

The story of these 7 virtues of Life

These all 7 virtues can easily understandable after this story, as a sage of Sivana did in the book. The story starts as 

Try to imagine that you are sitting in the middle of a magnificent, lush, green garden at the bank of a seashore. This garden is fully filled with the most spectacular and heart-warming flowers, that you have ever seen in your life. The environment is supremely tranquil and peaceful. You are savoring the sensual delights of this garden and feeling as if you have all the time in the world to enjoy this natural oasis.

As you look around you see that in the center of this pretty imagined garden, stands a towering red lighthouse. Six stories high. Suddenly, the calmness of the disturbed by a crackling of the door, as the door creakingly opens at the base of the lighthouse.

The person which moved out from it was a sumo-wrestler, who casually wanders in the garden. Almost naked instead of pink-twisted wire cable covering on his private parts. You see that as this Sumo-wrestler starts to move around in the garden and he finds, a shiny gold stopwatch (don’t know who the hell kept this stopwatch there), he slips it on and falls to the ground and rendered unconscious and lies there for some moment, silent and still.

As you just figured it out that this wrestler lost his livelihood, he awakens, perhaps stirred by the fragrance of some fresh yellow roses blooming nearby. Electrified, the wrestler jumps on his feet and startled by what he sees. Alongside the green garden, he observes a long winding path full of millions of diamonds. Something directs wrestler to take that path and path leads him down the road of everlasting joy and bliss.

What actually are they 7 virtues of life?

This magical fable just weaved of some basic and important symbols which are the ultimate virtues of life. At this point, it is obvious to yelling out “just tell me what they 7 virtues of life are”. These are fragmented in the below list, each symbol with its virtue of enlightenment living. When I was at the point of completing this magical fable, I made up my mind that I am going to share this with people.

Although I knew that by keeping these all virtues in practice, one may attain bliss in life. But keeping them in practice is the whole sort of hardness.

The Garden     Garden Your Mind

Follow your purpose

Practice Kaizen

Wire cable
Live with Discipline

Gold stopwatch
Respect your Time

Blooming Roses
Selflessly serve others

 The Path of diamond
Embrace the present

A very creative mind sewed 7 elements of joyful life very beautifully. Each symbol has its own virtue.

Master Your Mind

Master Your Mind

That glooming garden was used for the mind. That greenery of garden indicates the peacefulness of the mind. We all somewhere heard that a human mind is as expandable as the garden’s greenery. So in the book, there are various steps, which shows the path by which one can nurture the mind as a garden.

“Feed your mind with the most delightful treasures and boundless riches, and make it as lavish as a garden full of flowers”

Shubham Varshney
Follow Purpose

Follow Your Purpose

I have seen many people who are living their life at the below level of happy and also heard cursing their destiny. But the problem is not the destiny, the problem is they don’t follow their purpose and even many don’t know for what they are in their livelihood.

Here the lighthouse in the middle of a garden, this lighthouse tells that follow your purpose and keep an eye on the surroundings. Alike the lighthouse does.

There is a very famous quote “the purpose of life is a life of purpose”. Yes, it might be sounding like a tongue-twister, but it is a mantra of a meaningful life.

Book taught me, just make a goal and try to make every single second of life worthy, which can take you to your goal.


Practice Kaizen

Let me tell you, this virtue is most affected me and I am really trying my best to keep it in my day-to-day practices.

I know, some of you may be wondering that what the heck this Kaizen is. This noun has a meaning “a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working and personal efficiency”.

And as you see, it is derived from Japanese. Sumo’s from Japan keeps improving their fighting practices through practices daily in their life.

In the book, there are many techniques by continuously following them, one can become master of own life. And the practice that gives me instant results is ‘do the things you fear’.


The Power of Discipline

The former Prime Minister of United Kingdom and a writer, Winston Churchill said: “As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us”.

As in this mysterious fable, that nine feet tall Sumo wrestler is naked, except that pink wire cable covering his private parts. That wire cable has a lesson which taught me the power of self-mastery and self-government.

Have you ever seen a wire cable from inside? If you, then there you see thin-weak wires placed one on top of the others making the cable, stronger and tougher. That is the Discipline, we have to maintain in life.

Start to keep collecting things that do oath to be done and taken the last breath of that work. These are the small things, which will make you bolder, stronger and toughest.


Respect Your Time (Others Also)

Sir Isaac Pitman, the one who developed a shorthand for the first time, said this “Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well-arranged mind”.

It is often to think that this virtue might be related to that shiny gold stopwatch in the fable. The stopwatch on which that huge Sumo wrestler slips-on.

I have remembered that how my father keeps telling me (till now) to make a daily activity chart and follow it. Though he also not able to follow it, he tries his every best for it and I like that part of him.

There is a very old saying “Waqt rahte Akal aa jayegi (will be stale with time)”, I must say it is very true.

Time is our most precious commodity and it is non-renewable and those who use time wisely are rewarded with rich, productive, and satisfying lives.

Serve Others

Selflessly Serve Others

Like the flowers are doing in the fable. They are serving to that Sumo wrestler, who falls-off on and just awaken. They are making him comfortable from his suffer and pain.

This whole world is balanced if there are positive powers then (I think) there are negative too. We all have the connection with the people with whom we meet and get close to them. Everything that lives, lives not alone, not for itself.

Serve people those who are in great need and I also not saying that give all the things that you have and live rest of the life as a beggar but we think if we start doing daily acts of kindness, it will end up with adding kindness into our journal.

Present Moment

Embrace the Present

In the book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, there are many things which describes this but it is my one of those favorite things. I love to remain at present, it is my good or bad, but I quickly get over through the past.

I just don’t want to get stick to a thing for millions of years, in some case I like to be glued like to my daydreaming(s).

No one could ever be able to change the past, just try to embrace present, in the way like the diamonds on the path do (in the fable).

I really think that either I am motivated or overly-motivated but the good thing is that ‘motivated’. Also, very often my mom calls it ‘over-confidence’ and I mumble to myself only ‘at least having confidence’. Just give a dam fuck to the world and live in that tune of the air.

Last but not least, give a try to ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’.

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