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The Legend of Amarnath Temple

Religious, Treks - Shubham Varshney - August 9, 2018

Amarnath Temple

I found myself in the middle of the majestic Himalayan Peaks, some are having a shawl of snow covering their shoulders. It was an unusual day, unusual because that type of day comes once in a blue moon. This is the day on which I had a chance to get closer to Amarnath Temple (cave). The cave where the sole power of the world (for me) incarnate into an ice stalagmite.

The story of the Amarnath Temple is just very amazing and eminent. When I was a kid, my father brought a CD which was on the whole Yatra and had the reason that why this place got so much of reverence.

The Legend of Amarnath Temple

Baltal Valley

The legend has it that Lord Shiva (sole creator and destroyer of this World), lover of silence and meditation, chose this cave to tell his consort (Goddess Parvati) the secret of his immortality. The place got placed in his heart due to its fanatic presence. The place is covered with a sweet tone of silence and in that period of time, nobody could able to reach there.


Also, I have also heard that when Lord Shiva was narrating her the Amar (immortal) Katha (Story), she felt under a deep sleep and unwilling a pair of white pigeon, heard the whole story. From thence, they both are immortal and they came into a sight of luckiest one (I am not that one, till now).

The Day starts with its Magical Sprinkles

Baltal Valley

In my last post, Amarnath Yatra 2018, I have experienced my journey towards Baltal and I was all set to depart to feel the glory of that phallus for of my almighty. I was very excited and very keen to get that experience noted down on my life’s pages.

Baltal Market

That night (before the day on which my meeting was fixed with Lord Shiva) was the most peaceful night of my life. Outside our camps in Baltal Base Camp, I was clearly able to see the stars twinkling in a rhythm, making the night more meaningful. And the road which took seekers to the heaven, the road going straight towards Leh, was just up high on a gigantic mountain. As if the night was wanted to tell me that the whole universe was with me.

Shubham Varshney

It was the morning of 14th of July, for many it was a middle of the night because the clock was clinging to 3 AM. Everyone was getting ready because the Baltal access gates open at 5 in the morning and I was just struggling in assuming that the night which I lived some hour ago really happened in my life. I checked my phone and due to the Airtel postpaid connection, I was easily able to get in touch with loved once.

Ice trek

The temperature of the hall was 11° Celsius and for me, it was like it went under minus because I was filling that everything got frozen. On my phone, there were several missed calls and many messages from my friend. She just wanted to know that Is I am ok, that was her approach after a long period of time. I replied to her with a gentle smile “I am fine and heading towards my dream” and thanked my Lord for his inviting gift. And the thing that really made my day great that she replied at that very moment and we had a deep conversation.

Fourteen Kilometer Route to Amarnath Temple

Amarnath Ghaati

At 5 AM, me with my mates, standing in the queues at Baltal Access Gates. The daylight slowly getting a win over the darkness of the night, the name of the Lord was echoing in the Himalayan hills, Sindh River was flowing at her pace. From Baltal the distance of the cave is 14 kilometer and those who knew that they can’t be able to cover that by foot, took the advantages of ponies and horses.


Just after passing the gates I graveled road came into in my sight and I was only able to see the enormous beauty of mountains. Most of the people don’t prefer this Baltal route because it is very steep and much dangerous. The whole fourteen-kilometer trek is a hair pinned dirt road, on one side there is a tall mountain and on another, a deep ditch. And that is for everyone, for ponies, for horses, and for pedestrians.

Sunrise at Amarnath

The whole arena was glittering in the love of that soul power, I was able to listen to the murmuring of wind. The sunlight showed its dance on the hills, as the Sun got up from the horizon. The period was of a very heavy rainfall but the universe conspired against the warrior of light and made my way free from rain. The moment was much like the one I had in Rishikesh and finds out some classic places to visit in Rishikesh.

Possibility to Fall in Love with Nature and Life

Water streams

In the whole trek, I took five halts, which was much necessary for the body. In the middle of the trek, there were many streams of waters flowing down from the mountains peaks. The water of those streams was honestly that powerful enough to cause hypothermia, even at the corners of those streams there were the frozen decks.

Amarnath Temple

That 14-kilometer trek was really my life changing trek. It introduces me to the death and taught me how to get rid of from the fear of death. Also, it strengthens my love and belief in Lord Shiva and took me to closer to him. That was really like a road to heaven. And I have covered it whole by my feet. Though at some points of time, I felt dead on my feet and when I reached under the kind shadow of Amarnath Temple the whole tiresome mixed with the wind and blown away.

road to cave

amarnath yatraThe very dangerous road, the changing climatic conditions, and those terror attacks were just transformed into great stories and they only became the myth for me. In five hours, I covered those 14 kilometers and those 485 steps to get entry into the cave. I have seen Lord Shiva sitting in front of me and smiled at me as if he was just waiting for me. The moment was really very fascinating, glorious, and full of lives.

Amarnath Cave

Shubham Varshney

As I have shared in my post Amarnath Yatra latest news, that this year the largest security belt was given to this annual pilgrimage and the Indian Army, Indian Government, and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) made this pilgrimage safe and peaceful. A big thank to them.



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Explore Amarnath Yatra 2018 – Journey from the starting

Treks - Shubham Varshney - August 1, 2018

amarnath yatra 2018This is a story of my recent adventure-trek-dream and love for Lord Shiva. This is a story of my recent excursion Amarnath Yatra 2018. This year this annual pilgrimage started from 28th of June to the will of Lord Shiva.

It was all started from the days back to my childhood. When I was a child, my father had the privilege to go there for the consecutive three years. From thence, it eventually became my dream to make a visit to that eternal cave at least for once. And this year I made it or I can say that Lord Shiva fulfilled my desire.

RishikeshThe good omens started coming in between my path from the very starting of this 2018. Many great and amazing things had done with me, but I would like to say that the world just conspired to make them true. As it is said that once you ought to do something with a strong will, it will become intentionally, come true.

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This year I registered for this peaceful pilgrimage and 14 July was the date on which I have to appear at Baltal access gate. There are two routes through which one can make way to cave in which the most revered form of Lord Shiva appears. One is from Baltal and the second one is from Pahalgam. From Baltal, it is a nose-peeping steep trek of 14 km and from Pahalgam, it is of 40 kilometers but full of heavenly things.

Journey to the Amarnath cave

On the 12th of July in the evening, a fleet of four cars left my home city, including ours. Mine was the Mahindra SUV 500 in which we are five guys and a driver. We have covered a journey of 1060 kilometers from Atrauli, a small town in Uttar Pradesh to Baltal. We have passed through the Boulevards of Noida, Ghaziabad, Karnal, Ludhiana, Pathankot, and Srinagar.

amarnath cave

As I have discussed this Amarnath Yatra 2018 in my earlier posts best treks in India and Amarnath yatra latest news, this is the most sacred abode of Lord Shiva. This is the most dangerous trek in India, the changes of terror attacks and natural disasters give weightage to this.

En-route to Baltal, we had crossed the Chenani-Nashri Tunnel, Asia’s longest tunnel had driven along the upstream of Chenab River, and had the amazing experience of watering roads. Having sat in the car I told myself that “it is the journey that lends more meaning than the destination”. We had dinner in a roadside Dhaaba after crossing Kurukshetra.

Langars and Bhandaraas arranged for the Amarnath Yatra

There are thousand people present in this country of myths and believes, they all just wanted to put themselves in such kind of noble activities. We have seen that just after entering in Jammu and Kashmir, the langars and bhandaraas were organized for the yatris. So that they could get their meals easily and can share their religious merit.

Honestly, just after entering J &K, I haven’t had to pay for the meals. Whenever we felt hungry, we simply stop at some roadside Bhandaraas. Had whatever we wanted to eat or drink. Tea, water, milk, food, etc all were present there for us, we were treated as the most important persons on the Earth.

July 13th, 2018 – A fable of Amarnath Yatra

himalayan rangesAfter a continuous run of 10 hours, it was 3 AM clicking in the watch and we were entering the Northern-most Indian state, Jammu, and Kashmir. That was my second time in J & K. Just after entering this state, a sudden realization came that this state is worth having the title of Crown of India. The air filled with the lust of the green Himalayas is solely enough to make fall in love with it.



I pulled down the window mirror and taste the cool breeze of the air, which trying to tell in that I am near to my oasis. The day started began as it taken command over the night’s darkness. We had made our way to the Bhagwati Base Camp, from where the fleet of 12 cars released amid the high security of NSG commandos and BSF. Somewhere in heart, all the people present in that fleet had only one thing in mind that is a dream. A dream to visit or to make it to that eternal cave.

shubham varshneyFrom Bhagwati Nagar base camp to Baltal, the distance is 375 kilometers and believe me I have seen an NSG command at every 50 meters. The security was so tight that no attacker will dare to invade it. The Indian Armed forces just amazed me by its power. We have saluted to every possible commando and army man. And the most courteous thing is that they all have responded back, as their acknowledgment.

It was eleven in the morning had breakfast near Udhampur city, in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir and headed for the destination. In the middle of the journey, I found myself trapped in the beauty of the Himalayan Ranges. The greenery was endowed on the land, the mountains were laden with green trees and the small formation of clouds made the moment picture-perfect.

The petrichor was so elegant that it could fail each deo and the most calming sound was of those tiny droplets of rainwater which were touching our windshield. On this day, I realized that why this state is known as the heaven on the earth. Very far away from the hustle and bustle lives, this state kept the very mesmerizing vistas. The only thing that put me in vain was the holding of Pakistan’s flag in the hands of the natives.

We have crossed many cities which were all silent, I was just able to spot only the military men. Had a pass-through Dal Lake in Srinagar and marched towards Baltal. We stuck to the highway which was going to the place which is a dream of many, it was none other than, Leh and Ladakh. I have seen many riders who were riding their bikes as a pure traveler. And honestly, they filled me completely with the joy of traveling.

By the end of the day we have reached Baltal and in its parking, we have parked and gone through many security checks. After that, we looked for a perfect place for meal and rest. Sooner and later, we have reached to the Bhandara which was organized by the Committee of Amarnath Yatra Aligarh. We have halted there, had a leisure walk on the streets of Baltal camp and enjoyed the stars-lid sky.

The next day was the day which was assigned us to climb the mountains to reach that auspicious cave. That night was one of the longest nights of my life. I will share the experience of that most awaited day in my later post till then stay connect and stay tuned. And live life to its fullest.

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