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Uncategorized - Shubham Varshney - February 3, 2018

Actually, this is a word given to a mental activity done by people who usually found themselves at their safest place or doing some arduous activity. On a straight note, I am a daydreamer (proudly), this is my panacea of getting bored and actually at some points we all are daydreamers. We all daydream in different ways like me in my way of dreaming about finding myself in some heroic activities. This mental action has a specific definition which is given by Wikipedia that is “Daydreaming is a short-term detachment from one’s immediate surroundings, during which a person’s contact with reality is blurred and partially substituted by a visionary fantasy, especially one of happy. It all imagined as coming to pass and experienced while awake”. Allow me to take you more deeper in this wor(l)d.

There is a saying that I love the most “Dreams can only be seen with open eyes, what you see while sleeping are nightmares”. Finding ourselves in some activities that boosted enthusiasm is the most awesome feeling that one can get (my opinion). Seeing an illusory vision come true is work as the source of confidence, it provides activeness over some jaded feelings.

Daydreaming is not a bad thing, most of the studies done on it and among them almost sound good. They say that there is the legion number of people out there is this world who often do daydreaming. And sometimes I found myself in my own illusory world too. As per the law, everything which has some good effects must have some bad effects also. Sometimes I forget to do the task given to me or the task which is less important to me while daydreaming. Sometimes while having an imaginary trip, I move ahead from the place which I have to visit for a work (but in rare cases).

Yes, while mind-wandering I can do trekking on any of the largest peaks of this world (those which I know) or I can find myself at any monument regardless of country (continent too). Also, most of the studies say that people do daydreaming when they found themselves more secure or when they know that they could do the agendum easily. Those who are addicted to this sweet cone of Ice-cream (for me), have the most active mind and they owned a word doer, “the study says that not me”.   If you asked me to write about it. I can write on it whole for a whole day or more. There is a Japanese proverb that vision without action is daydream and action without vision is a nightmare. It is right saying that problems have their own solutions within it.

Allow me to give you all, some examples of my favorite mind-wanderings. I love to do this it is a way due to which I could rejuvenate. I do this for my sake only, on a frequent note I find myself either playing drums in a very inordinate crowd or playing football and on the verge of kicking a ball for the matching goal. And sometimes playing DJ either at Tomorrowland or at Ultra Music Festival (these two are the biggest music festivals happened on earth), also people were enjoying my beats amazingly. They are dancing on my beats and having much fun.

Actually, these are the dreams which I want to live in real also, but till then this is how do I get to work. I have always liked quite people, who know if they’re dancing with their partner or if they’re carrying the weight of the world. And believe or not there are few known people with whom I can do mind-wandering, mostly with one of my best friends

About six years ago, on a summer vacation, I went my home from my boarding college, due to some family business reasons I had to ride my bike 40 km/side to the upside of town, district every day. And in that period of time, I usually went at any mirage created by my mind and literally, I wandered in them.

I have visited some exotic beaches, I have done paragliding, I have done snorkeling and I have participated in some crusade also. Just to quench my bug by doing some noble cause for the society (I have done all of these things while I rode my bike). And when I come back from my illusive world to the real world I honestly, didn’t have any clue that how I have passed all the obstacles, who must have come in my way. This has really happened to me or this works on this that it was clear in my mind that I could ride a bike in any of the conditions.

From last two years, I am daydreaming that I like a messenger of God and I have to do all the wrongs things correct so that the proceedings of the world going on. Most of the daydreaming I focus on things that might happen in the future. I plan ahead, I think about outcomes of decisions, I think about what I might do in the next coming life or might in the next coming week(s).

Often, I think about my life in the more distant future, considering whom I might marry or where I might live. Precisely, it gives me the solution that what might going to happen next and sometimes I decrypt it wrongly and sometimes dart goes bulls-eye. In the end, I just wanted to tell you that I loved it, it is like in my veins. Stay connected with the people near to you and to the people who are in your creation and also with the God too.


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Travel blogs Which I Follow

Uncategorized - Shubham Varshney - January 27, 2018

There are many people who are living happily, earning decent money, making their loved ones proud or enjoying their life amazingly. But there are some people who have a lust to explore one of a gem of this world. You people have been seeing that this blog is on wanderlust, so it should come as no doubt that I love reading travel blogs from there I get some inspiration. The way they share their experience is itself pulls up my mind in that part of the World. As an aficionado, I love to write about them as I love to read about traveling. In the featured image of this post is the Badlands National Park, the place which I eagerly wanted to visit.

In this post, I have written about the travellers who have a more bit passion to scream out from the peaks of any mountains of this gigantic world. They live out in different cities of this World, they experience something that belongs to that place. They drink out some good quality of wines at fabulous wine yards. They are the ones who I follow and interestingly, there are many out in this world who are doing work by going out of this World. These all blogs are on the list of top 50 travel bloggers given by many other popular bloggers.

Top travel blogs who inspired me:-


   Nomadic Matt (Matthew Kepnes)

  • Matthew Kepnes is not only a name, it itself a brand. Matt spent out his 2 years in the job. He was not aware at that time that what is going to be next which changed his life.


  • At a trip to Thailand, he decided to quit his job and he let the inside out his feelings and wanted to be a full-time traveller. And from that time he had visited many countries and wrote various travel guides on different cities.


   The Planet D (Dave & Deb)

  • It was clearly in my mind that this blog was the first blog which I read. So from that very moment, I get to know what is love at first site.


  • They both run this blog and says that “8 years ago they were just overwhelmed, overworked and plain exhausted” so they decided to do something crazy. Many magazines like Forbes announced them one of the top influencers of this world.


   Voyager For Life (Renuka)

  • A girl who has passion, lust, and a spark to come out from the fear of not to explore this world. And the icing on the cake, she belongs to my Nation so I knew that that she had done a lot of struggle.


  • To become a solo traveller one needs lots of guts and as a girl, it needs lots of lots. She had faced many difficulties in getting her life’s wheel on the track.


   Lost Boy Memoirs (Ryan Brown)

  • There is a very beautiful line written by Ryan and it is perfect for his blog’s tagline “Not all who are lost needs to be found”. He has written a very beautiful post which is on some amazing travel quotes that blown away my mind.


  • He is a graphic designer in a company and earning a good amount of money from both the platforms but he gives priority to his lust of exploring this whole World.


   The Dangerous Business (Amanda)

  • She belongs to a small city but very beautiful Ohio. She is also a true inspiration to me and she is madly in love with his work and passion.


  • I clearly remember that from her experience I got to know about Badlands National Park of South Dakota in the USA. There are many other places about whom she let me know.


These are a few bloggers from a bunch of many, which influenced me and helped me so that I could get the right path. I know, they all have done a tremendous work to meet out their dreams and even I knew this too that they have given many sacrifices to chase down their dreams. Anyways they all are doing their job with all their enthusiasm. No matter what a job you are doing, there is only one thing if you want to be great in that, you have to do it with all your passion.

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For a good relation Communication is must !!!

Uncategorized - Shubham Varshney - December 24, 2017

Hello World, I am just at 24 and I work in a small organization which provides all sorts of solution related to the web world. While working in this organization I get the opportunity to read about things which are in my Nation or infinitely far from it. I have read many blogs on traveling and there are so many travelers in this World who meander through the streets of their favorite cities and they share their experiences with the whole World. Just like them, it’s my journey to the World’s heart and I want to get more and more knowledge about each and every single gem of this World which are hidden in the secret box of Nature.

I am an Indian, proudly and just want to serve the best to my Incredible Nation. I am just one of them, who wants to travel this whole world and more often I just daydreamed about it. Sometimes I dream about the leaning tower of Pisa that I am standing on a side of it and posing for a photograph, sometimes on sitting on the couch of my home I find myself tasting the pizzas of Italy and having a sip of Ontario’s famous wine. I just want to make this newbie passion as a profession also. My friends used to tell me that I can attract people by my thoughts.

I am starting this blog, Travelr Network for the people who really wanted to know about the amazing and heritage things of this World. This World is full of many mind-boggling and eye-catching landscapes, there are many beaches which provide amazing views of Sunset. Not many but there a few places that I have visited and later on I will share my experience of those places with some amazing photographs that I have taken. Here you will get the ordinary and some extraordinary facts about the places, food, and culture. Here, willingly or unwillingly one can find his/her favotite food or food item. And as me, I like to taste good food items as I consider myself a foodie.

Michael Palin, a famous English actor and writer said some beautiful lines which housed in my heart and these are “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”.

Last but not the least, It’s my journey to the World’s heart and I will be very happy and will find myself fortunate one if you all my lovely friends or would be friends can join me on this journey. The World’s heart is so big that there we all can build a gargantuan penthouse to live like a king. On this amazing journey, we have to do only one thing, that is opening our arms and feel the real charisma of this World. That’s it for now. It’s a time to take a break, close your eyes and find yourself at an amazing place.

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