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Out of the 29 states of India, Uttar Pradesh is the state where the heart of India (Taj Mahal) lies. It is home to many magnificent monuments and several Hindu pilgrim destinations. In Uttar Pradesh or even in India, Agra is the city which gets the highest number of tourists in the past years. And this is not shocking, this is due to the Taj Mahal. The same day Taj Mahal tour by car is the best-suitable for exploring the monuments of Agra.

Taj Mahal is the monument which standout alone amongst the monuments of this whole World. The fine structure and the story behind this Taj Mahal make it a place worth to visit. Each day hundreds of thousands of tourists make a visit to this Monument. The location, the arena, and the misty glow of the walls make this place eye-catching and suitable for a quick vacation.

A Day Tour To Agra

Taj Mahal is built by Emperor Shah Jahan (grandson of Akbar) to fulfil the last desire of his loving wife, Mumtaj Mahal. It is also known as the symbol of love and pleasure. The newly wedded couple pay homage to this temple of love and they take vows in front of this monument that they never betray each other. The place is so beautiful that it can make anyone hypnotize if weather favours tourists they never wanted to leave this place.

Agra has other many things to explore like its colourful streets, marble galleries where the artisans performed their show in the piece of marble slate, and leather market. A tour of this city is unforgettable. Mughal rulers have built many amazing pieces of arts and the next is Agra Fort. Agra Fort is considered as one of the largest fortresses in India.

As Agra was once a capital city of India, so it has a gigantic Fort, which once was the main residence to the royal members of Mughal Empire. It is also said that in the last days of Emperor Shah Jahan’s life, he was captivated by his own son, Aurangzeb. The terrace of this fort gives a clear view of Taj Mahal which is on the opposite bank of the River Yamuna.

The same day Taj Mahal Tour by Train is capable enough to give you the brief summary of the history of each of the monuments of Agra city. Agra city can be explored in a day or it can also take a month in order to explore it. The flocking of tourists which came from various different parts of the World can be seen on the bright streets of Agra. For a traveller, it has much more to experience.

There is also an another well-famous and UNESCO World Heritage site called as Fatehpur Sikri. This is an eerily ruined city which was built by Emperor Akbar and also abandoned by himself. This small fortified city was once served as the capital city of Mughal Empire and various big legislative assemblies were held there in that time.

The main attractions of this city are Buland Darwaza, Panch Mahal, and Jodha Bai’s Palace. This place
has that charm which can make you forced to spend much more time, willingly or not willing. Fatehpur
Sikri can allow you to make several unforgettable memories which can be worthy of sharing with friends
and family members.


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  6. We took a 6-day tour of the Golden Triangle and I think it was too short. Agra was nice and we even managed to see Taj Mahal at night, but we didn’t have time to visit Fatehpur Sikri. I really think we missed out on a wonderful place.

    • Really, Linda, you have missed a great spot. Anyways, make it on your next visit. Also, glad that you managed to see the Taj at night, it would be an amazing experience.

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